the API (Application Programming Interface)

This website is driven by XML and XSL. Any page can be requested in XML, HTML, JSON or JS. Simply prepend the path with api/.
For example, to make a normal HTML request for the Tesco company page:

for the XML API version (always available): or, (the default API output is XML)

for the JSON API version (always available):

for the RSS API version (only available where there is an RSS sign):

for the HTML version (this basically just forces a server side XSLT, api not required):

This is true for all pages on the site, including this one!

You can also use &forceMIMEType=text/html to manually change the MIMEType returned in the headers e.g. and Toshiba&forceMIMEType=text/html

accessing the analysis api functions

These are standard pages located in the analysis directory. The pages you will most likely find useful for analysis are:

which analyses the URI sent as the first argument (and replies in JSON in this case) words to analyse

which analyses the text sent as the first argument (and replies in XML in this case).
These are the pages used by the plug-in to get it's information.
Arguments can be sent through as POST or GET. The order is important and the names irrelevant.